Students Celebrated in Awards Ceremony


Two students celebrate their arts awards.

Presented by Spanish teacher Mrs. Jean Kotrady, the Maggie McLeod Award was given to Senior Taylor Jackson. Chosen by her teachers, Taylor has been a broad participant in the arts at Christ Church. Since coming in the ninth grade, Taylor has played the French horn in the Upper School band and the harp in the Carolina Youth Symphony. She is an avid poetry writer and is this year’s editor of the literary publication The Delphian. Outside of school, Taylor is a member of Peace Voices, a slam poetry group that is part of the Peace Center. Speaking on her behalf were her two friends, Caroline Andrews and John Zhao, who both gave hilarious and insightful remarks. After the ceremony, Maggie McLeod’s mother, Wink, commented that she was “glad that Maggie’s memory lives on” through award recipients like Taylor.

Following the Maggie McLeod Award was the presentation of the Chris Ferrell Award, which was given to Andre Batchelder-Schwaab by Arts Director David Sims. Andre was described as Sims as being the “fuzzy center” of the music department. Andre has been active in his involvement in the arts for a very long time, having played the clarinet in school band since the fifth grade. He also plays the clarinet in the Carolina Youth Symphony. As well as the clarinet, Andre also plays the cello for the Upper School Strings Ensemble. Andre sings for the school choir, participates in Cav Blues, and dedicated his Sophomore Project to composing his own music. Andre later commented that he was “overwhelmed” by the award and was flattered to receive it.

Both students have demonstrated their passions for the arts while at Christ Church. Of the two, friend Philipp Schmitz-Justen commented that they are “two of the best people I know” and that they deserved their awards “because of the way they live their lives.” Taylor and Andre have contributed greatly to Christ Church in their passion for the arts, with talents spanning from theater to music, from sketching to costume designing. This year’s Maggie McLeod Award and Chris Ferrell Award has gone to two very deserving students, each with great passion for the arts.