Alex Jones: The Rise and Fall – Part 1

September 27, 2022

Alex Jones is a threat to America. His reign as America’s most flamboyant and dangerous alt-right conspiracy theorist is coming to an end. How did we get here? How did we as a nation allow this to happen? Let’s start from the beginning. 

In 1992, outside the mountain town of Ruby Ridge, the ATF and FBI began an investigation into “survivalist” Randy Weaver for tampering with a firearm. The ATF in an ensuing raid and gunfight killed Randy’s son, Sam, and his wife, Vicki, before finally placing Randy in custody. The ATF and FBI were widely condemned after attacking the Weaver family’s compound in Washington state.

In April, 1993, the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Bureau for Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives ended a month-long siege at the Branch Davidians complex in Waco, Texas. The Davidians were a doomsday cult, composed of a sect of Christians who followed the teachings of David Koresch. The ATF suspected Koresch of stock-piling illegal weapons and abusing children. The siege ended in a fire which is still scrutinized today, burning the Davidians’ complex to the ground. Public opinion of the FBI, ATF, and overall federal government overreach was at an all- time low. 

Around this same time, a young Alex Jones was graduating from high school in Austin, Texas. Alex Jones had become an avid conspiracy theorist during his teenage years. Sure, there were the cartoonish ones (the moon landing was fake, aliens exist) then there were the darker conspiracies. Mexicans are being imported to steal your jobs. The CIA was behind shootings and domestic terrorists attacks. All of these views young Alex Jones subscribed to. 

Alex Jones is mired in controversy. He is a man built on flaws; a personality built on lies. In this series of articles, I will be examining the rise of Alex Jones and how he built his base through InfoWars. I will also be looking into the dangers his lies pose to people worldwide. 


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