Spotlight: Aidan Owens

April 29, 2022

Meet Aidan Owens, best known for his roles in the musicals and his ability to play the Theremin, he started attending Christ Church in elementary school. Primarily Welsh, he stands at 6’5 and is 18 years old. His favorite genre is “drum and bass” which is reflected in his performance song choices for the Young Artist Series, and he also enjoys horror movies. Aidan aspires to be able to hold his breath underwater for more than 5 minutes, and also is learning to play the harp. He likes collecting decorative spoons and his favorite color is yellow. In his spare time, he enjoys eating bacon cheeseburgers, reading tarot cards, and his apprenticeship as a blacksmith. In the future, he would like to attend college for art with a minor in mathematics and ultimately would like his career to lead to him “being remembered”. The best advice he has for the students of CCES is “Feel good in the moment, death is nothing to be afraid of, take a hot shower eventually.”

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