Young Artist Series 2022 – A Grand Return Live Student Performances at CCES

March 24, 2022

Two years ago, the Young Artist Series was live and in person. Back then, I was a freshman and didn’t know all the talent that many CCES students possess. I was amazed and couldn’t wait for the next one. Then it happened. Covid forced the Young Artist Series to be viewed online. Honestly, it was not the same. Mr. Halvorson’s jokes were not as funny. The performances were not as interactive. It for sure was not as fun. However, last week, CCES students were fortunate enough to be able to watch the Young Artist Series in person. It did not disappoint. 


Billy Hendrix – Billy was the first performer at this year’s Young Artist Series. He sang “Heading South” by Zach Byran. He impressed me with his country singing voice. According to his lacrosse teammates, it is a tradition that Billy sings before each game. A tradition that when broken, causes an automatic defeat. After his performance, he received large applause from the crowd. Billy was a great start to the show. 


Ben Williamson – Ben was a first-time performer at the Young Artist Series. He played “Theme from Symphony No. 3 (Eroica)” on the piano brilliantly. To end his wonderful performance, Ben bowed. It was an elegant bow that ended an elegant performance. We hope Ben plays the piano again at another Young Artist Series. 


Aidan Owens – Aidan lit up the Young Artist Series with a very unique performance that was unlike any others. He sang “Sleepwalker,” but his performance was much more than singing. He made sure to swing his head back and forth at every moment he could. Also, his voice became elated when an intense part of the song came about. 


Betty Frances Thomason, Abigail Pickens – This performance was incredible. Abigail played “Medications on a Theme” on the piano while Betty Frances sang. The awesome part of this performance was how the two were in perfect unison throughout the song. I was amazed at how flawless the performance was. 


Mills Howell – Her performance was absolutely breathtaking. Mills performed her original song, “Let You Go,” to the whole school. Her voice was perfect. It sounded like a performance one would hear while watching The Voice. Also, Mills played the piano while singing. A task that I can not begin to fathom how hard it is. The performance was amazing. 


Tripp Teague – Tripp’s performance of “Silly Crush” was definitely something special. He wasn’t just a singer and he wasn’t just a dancer. He was a performer. He engaged the crowd by throwing his jacket into the audience. He danced through the rows of the crowd while singing. No one else did anything like him. It was extremely impressive. Throughout the performance, the audience was clapping and cheering. At the end, Tripp received a standing ovation for his unique but wonderful performance. 


Vivian Lin – Vivian performed “Waltz in C# Minor.” Her ability on the piano was impressive and the performance was flawless. During her performance, an audience member turned to me and made the comment “how does she never mess up?” I wondered the same thing. She has a remarkable talent. 


Layken Lyon – Layken sang “I’ll be Seeing You” by Billie Holiday. Layken has performed in many Young Artist Series and her voice has always impressed me. This performance was no exception. It seemed like the song was written for her. 


Lauren Brackbrill – Unlike most performers who sang or played the piano, Lauren read a poem. She read “Before You Judge Someone, Think of This,” and read it brilliantly. Clearly, she had practiced the poem many times and was emotional while reading. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when Mr. Halvorson said the next performance was a poem reading, but Lauren definitely exceeded expectations. 


Alana Brezenski – Alana sang “Vaga Luna che inargenti,” it’s a classical Italian song. To be honest, I didn’t understand many if any lyrics in the song, but Alana’s voice was so amazing that I remained interested and engaged throughout the song. She has sung many different types of songs and always impresses. 


E.C. Repp – EC is always a fan favorite. He performed last and left the audience in disbelief. He is extremely talented. He performed “Metropolis Part 1” on his electric guitar. The way he can manipulate sounds on the guitar to get the audience riled up is extremely impressive. The audience gave EC a standing ovation and was thankful he performed for us. 


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