CCES’s Epiphany Scholarship Recipients for 2022

February 24, 2022

The Epiphany Scholarship was established in 1991 by Christ Church. The scholarship honors two students who exemplify their Christian faith in their daily life. Father Wallace believes that “sensitivity and outreach to others, personal manifestation of the love of God and God’s people in his or her daily life at school, at church and within the community” are the main qualities of an Epiphany Scholar. 

This year’s recipients were Seniors Betty Frances Thomson and Tripp Teague. They both had very similar reactions to receiving the award. 

When they heard about the award, neither thought that they would receive it. Betty Frances said, “my natural instinct is to think of other people who could receive it and I was convinced that someone else was going to receive it.” Tripp didn’t think he would be the recipient until he saw his parents in the chapel.

When receiving the award, Tripp and Betty Frances both appreciated their friends’ kind words about them. Tripp said, “I was very touched by the details and things they knew about me. They hit points that really expressed me well as a person.”

Betty Frances also appreciated what her friends said. She said that the compliments and stories her friend Franke said about her were “very special.”

When asked about how they incorporate their faith into their daily life, Tripp said, “I try to follow the ways Jesus has taught me to the best of my ability”. Betty Frances incorporates faith into her daily life by taking time to “focus on my mind and breathing during the day.”

Tripp and Betty Frances truly exemplify what the Epiphany Scholarship means. They both serve their community through Christ and work in their community to help others.

Betty Frances will be attending Emory University as a psychology major next year, and Tripp is currently deciding between the University of Georgia and the University of Colorado Boulder.

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