C-Harmony 2022 Results

February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you filled out the C-Harmony form, you’ll find your match below! As Father Wallace would say, be swift to love and make haste to find your valentine.


Lawson Smith and John Hoyt Thomason

Antonia Kirakides and Bella Gaylord

Andy Botkin and Patrick McMaster

Antonia Moritz and Stella Heise  

Molly Morgan and Martin Russo

Kevin McCarthy and Henry Carter 

Ellison Malico and Tom Lowrance 

Jessica Mikesell and Billy Hendrix

Bailee Loging and Finch Vergnolle 

Mary Earl Varat and Ryan Coley 

Pablo Monje and Anna Pearce Hinsdale 

Camden Pool and Thomas Lea and Alex Eastland

Caroline Hampton Orr and Hudson McCarthy 

Korey Nary and Lincoln Weldie 

Constantine Gandis and Charlotte Fridy 

Kate Leinweber and Colin Williams

Cooper Willis and Reid Botzis 

Cooper Hronchek and Mary Wilson Reyner 

Thomas Blevins and Meryl Hornish, Jaya Chandler

Harris Clark and Marleigh O’Hanlan

Brock Huff and Amelia Spinks 

Charlie Shields and Nolan Quinn 

George Lowe and Grant Strohmaier 

Alice Liu and Veronica Watts 

Weston Segura and William Stathakis 

Anna Kay Robinson and Luca Bracale

Naya Bakeas and Eli Powell

Vincent Hoffman and Rylee Strohmaier

Andrew Mahaffey and LF Bluffington

Sarah Grace Richardson and Philip Rosenthal

Steele Riddle and Georgia Merchen

Franke Prince and Grant Dunham

Betty Francis Thomason and Aidan Owens

Isabel Beckrich and Bridges Paddock

Lilly Loeffelmann and Smith Sanford

Emily Guer and Jack Roberts

Dasia Yearby and Patrick Champion

McCain McBride, Lauren Pimentel and Benji Horton

Ava DiBattista and Hayden Cart

Maria Russell and Hudson Adams

Mills Howell and Jeevan Graywal

Hutch Paddock and Charlie Creech

Skylyr Yearby and Sam Gallivan

Ashley Deliberto and Bright Croswell

Maggie Rogers and William Mims

Thomas Clark and Parker Davis

Pera Roberts and Reid Martin

Ansley Epley and Jack Hovart

BJ Atkins and Leah Brasier

Eleanor Bishop and Davis Katz

Blakely Kehl and Tucker Hendrix

Anastasia Krueger and Will Jennings

Ella Grace Burnett and Wyatt Weir

Caroline Gouch and Tripp Teague

Ella Lindley and Charlie Reyner

Lillie Burgamy and Ben Williamson

Eliza Hoffman and Enes Sen

Liz Faris, Ella Vermillion and Joji Ejiri

Shelby Safee and Ambrose Ehelrs

Harper Fulghum and Walker Jennings

Amelia Turner and Emilo Gonzalez Arizti

Arden Jorgensen and Braden Epley

Truman Bullock and Marissa Larocque 

Annie Schlemmer and Hagen Kremenliev

Kylie Larkin, Kat Jones and EC Repp

Kate DeStefano and EJ Wagner

Yasmene Clark, Sara Caroline Iskandar and Sam Odom

Mary Catherine Lantz and Walker Hronchek

Caroline Mitchell and Bennett Mahon 

Kirstin Pfaltzgraff and Ladds Goldsmith

Ellie Bethel and Carson Shaw 

Ava Pitts and Eli Kernaghan

Mackenzie Grubb and Woods Windham

Lauren Monday, Jenna Larocque and Joseph Mikesell

Sofia Bourne and Elijah Butcher

Cate Lyerly and Wilson Stansell

Laken Jorgenson and Chandler McMaster

Kate Jumper and Alec Norris

Catalina Ossmann and Luke Baumhofer

Delaney Townsend and Will Bolton

Vivian Lin and Jack Hinds

Amanda Yerkes and Evan See

Nico Ludkowski and Abigail Pickens

Ava Pouyer and Will Bowers

Linda Rogers and Garrett Long

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