Introducing Mr. Pharr

September 23, 2021


Mr. Pharr is one of the new faculty members this year and will be teaching various English classes in the Upper School. He moved to Greenville after previously teaching at Asheville School for 19 years.  

Being an English teacher, Mr. Pharr naturally has lots of experience with books. When asked about his least favorite book, he said he’d “hate to have to choose a ‘worst’ book,” but remembers finding Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator really disappointing.

Mr. Pharr has taught various classes in his teaching career, but mainly English and History classes. He is only teaching English classes at CCES.  He says his favorite classes are almost always the ones that he’s currently teaching. Having taught both English and history classes, he always enjoys the challenge of teaching a new course.

Since Asheville School regularly competes with Christ Church in relative athletic events, he first heard about CCES when he was in high school. He remembers playing against Christ Church in both football and tennis. 

He attended Asheville School, and then the University of North Carolina. He initially wanted to become a teacher after his education because he had so much respect and appreciation for his teachers. Those same teachers were part of the reason he tried teaching in the first place, discovering that he really enjoys it. 

Mr. Pharr has just recently moved to Greenville for this school year and is currently unaware of lots of the city’s popular spots to eat. When asked what the best local restaurant he had discovered so far was, he said “the Pita House is definitely a contender.” He says he is open to recommendations, so if you have a suggestion, make sure to let him know.

Even if you do not have Mr. Pharr, he is a great teacher to get to know, especially if you can talk with him about North Carolina football or basketball. 

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