The Playlist

November 12, 2019

The majority of athletes involve music into their pre-game ritual in some way and cross country runners are no different. For an away meet, the bus ride to the course serves as an important step in the pre-race routine– especially when it comes to the soundtrack. Sophomore Anna Pearce Hinsdale, the curator of a 75 song, cross country specific playlist, put the Spotify tracks together as a way to include individuals’ go-to race songs, as well as group favorites. “A lot of people have their own songs that they’ll sing in their head during the race, to keep them focused,” Hinsdale explains, “so the playlist has those, as well as team anthems that we’ll all listen to as tradition.” Chance The Rapper’s “Let’s Go On The Run,” is, unsurprisingly, one of these team anthems and playing it before a race is a principle tradition for the girls team. With an appropriate blend of High School Musical, Ariana Grande, and PnB Rock, the “XC BUS RIDE” playlist unites, motivates, and focuses these athletes in their pre-race anticipation.


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