Five Killed in Synagogue Attack


An attack on a Jewish synagogue took place on Tuesday, November 18 around 7 a.m. in the Har Nof synagogue of Jerusalem. Two cousins, Odai and Ghasan Abu Jamal, from East Palestine, attacked during a morning prayer service.They were carrying wielding knives, axes, and guns. Five were killed and the others were injured. Among the killed were three American Citizens and a British citizen. They were rabbis who all held dual Israeli citizenship. The fifth killed in the attack was a policeman who died of wounds sustained in the attack. Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu said that Hamas, the Palestinians who govern the Gaza Strip, spread lies that Israel was trying to take control of a religious site in occupied East Jerusalem. He believes that this is what caused the attacks. Two mosques have been set on fire, leaving copies of the Quran in burnt ashes. The tensions between the two continue to escalate.

Netanyahu ordered the demolition of the homes of the two Palestinians who carried out the attack. This action was carried out which was unusual since Israeli attackers are not usually punished. The President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas condemned these killings. In response, Hamas stated that it was “a natural reaction to Israel’s practices” against Palestinians. United States President, Barack Obama, also stated that he condemned the attack. He hopes that Israeli and Palestinian leaders and ordinary citizens will work together to lower tensions.

Authorities report that there were fewer cars and people on the Jerusalem streets, which is usually a busy city. Prayers have returned to the attacked synagogue which has since been reopened. Even with shattered glass, bloody texts, and prayer shawls, the congregation was determined to return for morning prayers on Wednesday.