Q&A with Your Newly Elected Student Body Officers

March 29, 2021

Last Tuesday saw the CCES Student Body elections held, with newly elected Vice President Cate Alexander and Secretary/Treasurer Crosby Reed running uncontested and Student Body President-elect Alex Eastland winning his campaign for the Christ Church White House. As the Triumvirate prepares to assume their respective positions, I sat down with each of them to talk about the upcoming school year: 


Q&A with Student Body President Elect Alex Eastland: 

Henry Carter: What are your plans as Student Body President? 

Alex Eastland: As president, off the back of a strange year, I’m really determined to ensure that our student body is able to have a great proper year, filled with the various activities that mitigation guidelines prevented us from having. We’re already getting started with planning for Homecoming and Homegoing events, and are really excited to help make those events special this year. 

HC: What inspired you to run? 

AE: During my Freshman and Sophomore year, I didn’t serve on student council, but I was able to experience and enjoy the results of the work that StuCo put in. The energy and excitement around Homecoming and Homegoing week really pushed me to want to play a role in helping plan events like the Student-Faculty Basketball and Powderpuff games. I had the opportunity this year to serve as Junior Class President and really enjoyed being able to experience the behind the scenes work that gets put into events for the student body. Though we weren’t able to plan a proper spirit week, I was really inspired by the student council’s work ethic and perseverance in planning things like Chick-Fil-A lunches and dress up days. I think being able to build upon and amplify that this year will lead us to a great year. 

HC: Has running for this position been the initial plan since you joined the Student Council? 

AE: Joining StuCo last year, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do for my Senior year. I was considering going for a Senior Class Officer spot on the Student Council, but I think seeing how our current Student Body president, Mac Sanders, led the meetings really made me see myself in that Student Body prez position. 

HC: What can you promise to the Student Body next year? 

AE:  We’re gonna have a lot of fun. Planning has already begun for next year and I’m more than positive that our incoming team is going to do a great job in planning events that will make up for what we had to miss this past year. 


Q&A with Vice President Elect Cate Alexander: 

HC: What made you decide to run? 

Cate Alexander: I decided to run because I really love being involved, and I love when others get involved too. I think the thing that makes stuff like homecoming week fun is when people try to make it fun if that makes any sense, so that’s kinda what makes me want to be on student council. 

HC: What are you excited about for next year as the Vice President? 

CA:  I’m so so so excited to hopefully show the rising sophomores and freshmen what a normal high school year looks like. It makes me so sad that they didn’t see what a normal homecoming week/dress-up days are, so I really hope we can do that for them next year and get them more involved. I really think everyone in the student body positions are willing to work hard and make next year great, so I’m super excited to see what happens. 

HC: When did you join the student council, and what inspired you to achieve a higher position?  

CA: I joined the student council in middle school, I think, and I honestly don’t even remember my reasoning of why I joined, but I’ve always liked being a part of it, so I’ve run every year. I have seen a lot of people lead the student council really well and it’s inspired me to do that for others. 

HC: What events are you advocating to return next year? 

CA: I’m hoping any and all events that are safe to return can return next year. It would be so great to go back to the normal homecoming week with normal dress-up days. But who knows if that can actually happen.


Q&A with Secretary/Treasurer Crosby Reed: 

HC: What made you decide to become the secretary/treasurer of the Student Council? 

CR: I decided to become Secretary because I thought it would be a really cool experience to help lead, not just my grade, but the entire student body 

HC: What made you want to join the student council when you did?  

CR: I decided to run for student council in 7th grade because a teacher recommended I try for it, and I wanted to help make decisions for my grade. I was a lot quieter back then, but after my first year of doing it, I became more involved and have been on it ever since.

HC: For those who don’t understand, what will your role be on the council next year, and what decisions do you get to help make? 

CR: Next year, I will play a big role in keeping our student council meetings organized. I will help our Vice President and President plan our spirit weeks, dress-up days, and catered lunches. I will also be responsible for taking notes during our student council meetings and making sure everyone shows up.


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