CCES News Mock Election Results

November 4, 2020

As nationwide election results come creeping in and the American people wait to hear who will win the 2020 election, the CCES News mock election has come to an orderly close.

Joe Biden won the CCES News Presidential election with 48.4% of the vote, defeating incumbent President Donald J. Trump, who received 43.1%. Libetarian party candidate Jo Jorgensen surpassed expectations, racking up 7.8% of the vote, while Green party candidate Howie Hawkins received just 0.7%. 

In the CCES News race for Senate, challenger Jaime Harrison defeated Lindsey Graham by a margin of 6%, receiving 53% of the vote to Graham’s 47%. In reality, the South Carolina senate race was a comfortable win for Graham, as the incumbent received 55.6% of the vote, with Harrison at 42.9%.

The SC District 4 race was the sole victory for the GOP party in the mock election, as Republican William Timmons defeated challenger Democrat Kim Nelson 51.7% to 42.7%, with Constitution party candidate Michael Chandler pulling in 5.6% of the vote. In actuality, Timmons held onto the seat, receiving 61.6% of the vote. Nelson received 37%, and Chandler received 1.6%.

When asked to describe their passion for this election on a 10 point scale, the average amongst those who voted was a 7.8/10, while, when asked to describe how informed they were on the election, the average amongst voters was 7.7/10. 

When asked about primary news sources, the partisan divide in the media became apparent. Fox News was most often cited as a primary source by those who cast their vote for Trump, as 48.4% of Trump voters in the survey listed the traditionally conservative network. Just 12% of Biden voters listed Fox as a primary news source. The most commonly cited news sources for Biden voters in the survey were the CNN, cited by 32.4% of Biden voters, the NYT, cited by 28% of Biden voters, and NPR cited by 19% of Biden voters. Amongst Trump voters, these numbers were significantly lower as 18% of Trump voters listed CNN as a primary news source (it should be noted that an additional 9% of Trump voters explicitly listed CNN as unreliable when asked about a primary news source). In addition, 3% of Trump voters listed the New York Times as a news source, and 0% listed NPR as a source. 

Voter turnout amongst CCES Upper School students was 36.6%, nearly half of the nationwide turnout of 65%, the highest electoral turnout since 1908.

*This mock election was conducted by the CCES News team independently from Christ Church Episcopal School and its administration, and is not designed as a scientific poll or a true election*

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