CCES Students Participate in Social Media Trends During Quarantine

April 16, 2020

As we know, the whole country is on lock-down due to the rapid spread of the recent COVID-19 outbreak. CCES students, like many students all over the world, have been doing everything they can to stay healthy, fit, and entertained while they are forced to stay home under quarantine. Apps like Instagram and TikTok have been blowing up with new trends including the “Until Tomorrow” idea where people post an embarrassing photo of themselves on Instagram and leave it up for everyone to see for 24 hours. Millions of people all over the world were getting in on the trend. 

TikTok has been especially popular as people find themselves with more time to spend on entertainment. People of all ages have been watching and making TikTok videos hoping to be the next sensation. One trend that people have been doing is the “Bored In the House Challenge.” Even Lebron James’s family has been dancing and sharing videos with the whole world trying to give everyone a sense of entertainment. 

Sophomore, Alex Eastland, explains how social media “offers a lot of entertainment value. I can just mindlessly scroll through Instagram or TikTok for hours.” One positive feature of these platforms is how they allow students to just be themselves and to escape all the things going on in the world. Sophomore, Antonia Kiriakides, avows, “social media is keeping me sane. Since I can’t be with my friends at the moment I’m spending a lot of time on TikTok and Instagram. I’ve been teaching myself a couple of the TikTok dances to do around the house and they help keep me in shape so I don’t have to work out. I also learned how to make money taking surveys from social media so that’s kinda cool.” Not only is learning new trends and dances keeping us entertained, it can also keep us healthy and fit. Try to download these apps and see for yourself how amazing it is with what people can do. 

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