School in Session Regardless of Weather

Though the second semester has just begun, students at Christ Church were already anticipating a potential break from school today. Word spread fast across the Upstate last week that there was a chance for snow this past weekend.  Snow is a rare occurrence in the Southeast and thus aroused much excitement and anticipation, especially from teenagers hoping to get out of school.

Early Saturday morning, Winter Storm Helena came to fruition, and Downtown Greenville saw up to four inches of snow.  However, this snow was not sufficient for the cancellation of school today at Christ Church. CCES is alone in the Upstate as the vast majority of schools are not in session today. Greenville County Public Schools, St. Joseph’s Catholic School, and Southside Christian School are all not in session today.

The possibility of no school today both excited and dismayed many Upper School students. IB senior Mackenzie Patterson was dreading this snowstorm because her Extended Essay presentation is today. After putting much preparation and effort into her project, it would have been frustrating for her presentation to get postponed until February. Senior Jacky James was “very excited for snow” but did not have a preference either way as to whether or not school was cancelled. Senior Julia DePiero feels strongly that any day is a good day for a snow day. She said, “It is never too early for a break!” DePiero spent her weekend sledding on her street with a group of girl friends.

In general, CCES students were happy to have a weekend playing in the snow but disappointed to have to return to school today.