Hurricane Joaquin Putting a Damper on Fall Break

Hurricane Joaquin is approaching the East Coast (

Hurricane Joaquin, a Category 4 storm, is heading toward the East Coast of the United States. South Carolina Governor Nikki Hayley has declared a State of Emergency, and ten to fifteen inches of rain are expected in the coastal regions of South Carolina.  Hurricane Joaquin is currently clocking 115-mph winds and is expected to strengthen over the next several days.  Forecasters predict the storm may hit the East Coast as soon as this weekend.  According to the National Hurricane Center, “The range of possible outcomes is still large and includes the possibility of a major hurricane landfall in the Carolinas.

The Christ Church Fall Break takes place from Friday, October 2 to Tuesday, October 6, and Hurricane Joaquin is adversely affecting students’ fall break plans.

Senior Emily Merck plans to travel to New York to tour colleges.  However, her flight has been delayed due to the storm, so she “probably won’t be able to make it to New York.”  Similarly, senior Courtney Lee intends to travel to Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island to tour colleges, but she also worries her “flight will be delayed.”

Bailey Breazeale, a junior, plans to visit the Naval Academy in Maryland over fall break.  Unfortunately, “the weather is too bad for [her] to make it there and back safely,” so she will likely be forced to stay at home.

Wes Quattlebaum, a junior and member of the Varsity tennis team, intends to travel to the Citadel to play tennis in front of the Citadel coach.  Wes is “hoping for nice weather” but expects to “encounter unforgiving weather conditions.”

Freshmen Hailey Sanders and Virginia Weston previously planned to travel to Charleston to shop and spend time at the beach.  However, the two are now waiting until Saturday to see if the weather improves.  “Right now, Charleston is under a severe weather watch and many stores are closed, so it is unlikely [they] will be able to visit Charleston,” Sanders explained.

Heavy rainfall is expected to continue throughout the weekend, and residents of coastal regions of South Carolina are cautioned to prepare for flooding and power outages.