Not Your Stereotypical Day

Wednesday’s dress up theme was high school stereotype, and Christ Church’s students did not fall short of dressing up in creative outfits depicting their opinion of the typical high school stereotype.  Outfits varied from jocks dressed in letterman jackets, cheerleading uniforms, and lax pennies, to nerds wearing suspenders and glasses.  Other students channeled their inner hipster, and some played up the preppy stereotype.

The dress up competition during lunch was funny as always.  The freshman contestants were Lee Hudson dressed as a Christ Church cheerleader and Mac Ivester dressed as a women’s tennis player.  Sophomore Jack McEvoy came up to the stage wearing skinny jeans and a hipster scarf dressed as an international student.  Juniors Val Pruc and Maggie Hamberis dressed in all black and extreme black make up and recited gothic poems.  Last but obviously not least, the seniors were represented by Quan White, Avery Haney and Virginia Wadell. Sophomore Blair Wilson said, “Today, you really got to see everyone’s creativity.  I think the two main stereotypes depicted were goth and hipster.”

Wednesday’s night activity was a new one for the Christ Church community.  Beginning at 7:30, Student Council put on a Date/Senior Servant Auction.  Students excitedly waited in line as junior Josephine Oakley handed out paper plates with numbers used to bid.  Juniors Maggie Hamberis and Val Pruc did an excellent job announcing, and the wide range of contestants all were very entertaining.  Senior girls auctioned off their cleaning abilities as part of the Senior Servant Auction, and boys from all grades auctioned themselves off as dates.  Freshman boys Lee Hudson, Mac Ivester, Austin Hayden, and Chase Poplin ripped open their shirts and handed out roses to several lucky ladies while dancing to “Hips Don’t Lie.”  The dynamic duo of sophomores Austin and Gray Ferrel made an appearance, along with sophomore and rapper Jack “Crackajack” McEvoy.  Juniors Cole Bradley, Cotes Delaney, and Michael Batson performed a well-rehearsed routine to Justin Beiber’s song Boyfriend, and Ian Miller, Will Wyncoop, and Andrew Slade showed off their best features, including Wyncoop’s no arm pit hair.

Senior Alex Benson, sporting a coat and slicked-back hair, showed off his talent of “seducing freshman girls” and was auctioned off for one hundred dollars to Maggie Hamberis.  Reeling in the big money, seniors Mac McCall and Brawley Crawford showed off their moves and good looks and were sold for four hundred dollars to freshman Kaytina Taylor.  Seniors Tom Kent, Alston Mickel, Osborne Brown, Josh Rogers, Fuller Parker, Brandon Anderson, Zach Cooter, and Will Carter put together a group effort of excellent dancing and costumes, and after some competitive bidding, this group was sold to senior Ellen Nachman for four hundred seventy dollars.  Ending the Date Auction, sophomore Liam Barr and junior Michael Stone dressed in seer-sucker sports coats and described their perfect date.  They were sold to sophomore Meg Piper for two hundred thirty dollars.

The new Date/Senior Servant Auction went really well thanks to the effort of all the juniors on Student Council.  Lots of money was raised for two great charities, and several girls have some exciting dates to look forward to.