The Cavalier

2016-2017 Staff

Lilly Harris

Lilly Harris is a sophomore at CCES. She spends her time going to cheerleading practices and performing at football games. Lilly enjoys to write about fashion.

Roe Willcox

Roe Willcox is a senior at Christ Church. Roe is the Student Life Editor for The Cavalier. She enjoys long walks on the beach, flowers and pillow chocolates.

Amanda Xu

Amanda is a senior, and this is her second year writing for The Cavalier. She was a member of the journalism staff as a sophomore. She enjoys writing about lifestyle and keeping up with current events. She cannot survive without...

Michaela McNutt

Michaela is a new junior at CCES from Florida. Michaela is on the tennis team. She also enjoys writing about various topics including tennis.

Peyton Harris

Peyton is a senior and is new to journalism. He is interested in politics. Peyton’s favorite subject is Latin.

Barnes Elliott

Barnes is a senior and in his second year on the journalism staff. He is interested in sports and the social media side of journalism. He is a member of the basketball team, swim team and the school band.

Reece Wright

Reece is a junior who enjoys playing sports. He plays football and baseball for the Cavs. His favorite subject is history, and he likes chilling with his bros.

Sydney Lee

Sydney is a sophomore and the Multimedia Editor. Sydney enjoys writing about fashion.

Schuyler O’Brien

Schuyler is a senior and serves as Photo Editor this year. Schuyler is the Student Body President. Schuyler enjoys to watch hockey and football.

Conrad Pentaleri

Conrad is a senior and in his fourth year on the journalism staff. He served as Sports Editor as a sophomore and as Co-Editor as a junior. This year, he is the Editor-in-Chief. Conrad is an avid lacrosse player and also plays...

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