The Cavalier

2016-2017 Staff

Student Life Lead Writer

Lilly Harris

Lilly Harris is a sophomore at CCES. She spends her time going to cheerleading practices and performing at football games. Lilly enjoys to write about fashion.

Student Life Editor

Roe Willcox

Roe Willcox is a senior at Christ Church. Roe is the Student Life Editor for The Cavalier. She enjoys long walks on the beach, flowers and pillow chocolates.

Staff Writer

Amanda Xu

Amanda is a senior, and this is her second year writing for The Cavalier. She was a member of the journalism staff as a sophomore. She enjoys writing about lifestyle and keeping up with current events. She cannot survive without...


Michaela McNutt

Michaela is a new junior at CCES from Florida. Michaela is on the tennis team. She also enjoys writing about various topics including tennis.

Staff Writer

Peyton Harris

Peyton is a senior and is new to journalism. He is interested in politics. Peyton’s favorite subject is Latin.

Staff Writer

Barnes Elliott

Barnes is a senior and in his second year on the journalism staff. He is interested in sports and the social media side of journalism. He is a member of the basketball team, swim team and the school band.

Sports Writing Lead

Reece Wright

Reece is a junior who enjoys playing sports. He plays football and baseball for the Cavs. His favorite subject is history, and he likes chilling with his bros.

Multimedia Editor

Sydney Lee

Sydney is a sophomore and the Multimedia Editor. Sydney enjoys writing about fashion.

Photo Editor

Schuyler O’Brien

Schuyler is a senior and serves as Photo Editor this year. Schuyler is the Student Body President. Schuyler enjoys to watch hockey and football.


Conrad Pentaleri

Conrad is a senior and in his fourth year on the journalism staff. He served as Sports Editor as a sophomore and as Co-Editor as a junior. This year, he is the Editor-in-Chief. Conrad is an avid lacrosse player and also plays...

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