Walker Zimmerman Speaks to CCES Soccer Team

March 21, 2023

On March 1st, United States Men’s National Team and Nashville SC defender Walker Zimmerman spoke to the CCES boys soccer team via Zoom. 

Zimmerman, a two-time MLS defender of the year, appeared in the 2022 World Cup for the United States.

He spoke to the team about his journey to the top of American soccer and his core principles of leadership and faith.

As the youngest of three brothers who grew up the son of a pastor, Zimmerman admitted his faith has always been an important part of his background

As he grew older, however, he explained how his faith evolved and became something much more personal to himself.

Walker also discussed leadership, saying the most important aspects of a leader  are improving those around you and relating to others both on and off the field.

Zimmerman was first capped by the US in 2017, working his way up through the national ranks and becoming a starter for this past year’s World Cup.

He shared that each member of the USMNT World Cup squad received a number representing the amount of players who have appeared for the US at the tournament.

Walker’s number was 152, which he said put into perspective the rarity of the accomplishment and gave him a greater sense of gratitude.

When asked how Zimmerman’s advice has helped him, junior David Tah said his advice helped him gain more motivation to be a better person and work harder. Tah continued, saying that it was also inspirational to see how someone in a similar position to him grew to the pinnacle of world football.

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