Christ Church Volleyball Drama

January 27, 2023

Nothing showcases pure athleticism like the Christ Church Homegoing Volleyball Tournament. Students across all grades at CCES look forward to this fateful night every year with hopes and dreams of bringing home the championship belt. This year there were no disappointments when it came to tournament excitement. 

Players showed out in their team attire, ranging from cut-off tees, to pajama pants, to “sheisty masks.” These extravagant outfits only added to the hostile atmosphere that quickly formed in McCall Fieldhouse as the games got started. Although ten total teams entered the tournament, only one would come out on top. As the first few games came to a close, teams such as the Sea Men, the Non-Binary Dr. Vicks, and Colin’s Disciples quickly established their dominance. 

An initial favorite, Bump Set Psych, composed of the faculty members soon found themselves out of the tournament following embarrassing performances by Mr. Clark and Mr. Whited.

Emerging from the flames of the flames of battle came two remaining teams: the Non-Binary Dr. Vicks, made up of boys from the senior class, and the Sea Men, composed of junior boys. With the stage set for an epic championship battle, the Non-Binary Dr. Vicks would have to beat the undefeated Sea Men in two consecutive games in order to bring home the gold. 

“I felt confident,” reflected senior leader Kevin McCarthey of the Non-Binary Dr. Vicks. “We had the skill to beat any volleyball team in the school.” 

With an incredible effort from the senior boys, both in their spiking and time-wasting abilities, the Non-Binary Dr. Vicks were able to defeat the Sea Men to win the tournament. It was a night that nobody will be forgetting any time soon.

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