Cavaliers Compete in Dragon Boat Festival


Cavaliers represent Christ Church at the Dragon Boat Festival

Early in the morning on April 20 the baseball team took a trip down to Lake Hartwell to compete in the annual Dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival is a cancer research fundraiser that has been going on for seven years. This year they had more teams than ever to compete and raised more money than ever. The baseball team competed in the first race of the day at 8 am, where they posted a time of one minute. This time was just good enough to beat most of the teams, but they were behind the team supporting Ms. Howsen’s husband. This team honored Christ Church faculty member’s Anne Howsen’s late husband. On this team were Mr. and Ms. Jacobsen and Mr. Forbis who were very confident that they would be able to beat the baseball team’s boat. In the end the baseball team came in the sixth behind an intimidating team named Release the Kracken who would chant “Release the Kracken!” before every race. The baseball team had another good experience this year and hope that everyone will want to participate in the race in the years to come.