Illustrious Review Of Worldwide Sensation Cocaine Bear

February 28, 2023

Inspired by a true story, Cocaine Bear depicts a bear who discovers large amounts of cocaine that were dropped by a plane.

Drug Dealer Andrew Thorton released all of his cocaine shipments into a forest in order to escape. A black bear then discovered the cocaine that he dropped into the woods. This is the end of the story that happened in real life.

There were lots of different expectations for Cocaine Bear because a movie like this has never really been done. The closest comparison I could make is Scary Movie because both attempt to create a satirical narrative in the horror genre while involving comedy.

The film is unique because it is not trying to become a classic or legendary movie, but it aims to provide comedy while keeping the audience engaged in probably the most simple movie storyline of all time.

Claiming to be a “true story” is also a satirical claim because the only aspect of the movie that is true is that a bear happened to do cocaine one time.

Based on this story, the directors came up with a brilliant idea to have the bear be almost possessed by the cocaine and go on a killing rampage.

The film starts with a warning about how cocaine can be dangerous and how using it is never a good idea, which I thought was a nice addition.

The remaining hour and a half of the rather short film are spent wondering where the bear was, and who it was going to kill next.

Cocaine Bear is rated R, but only for the gore shown in the deaths of the characters. This is definitely a valid rating because no one in this film dies pleasantly.

If you are looking for a plot to become emotionally invested in, or a movie that requires any sort of thought to follow, this is not the movie for you.

I would not go into this movie expecting greatness, but rather a short and funny story that is easy to follow and action-packed.

While it is still in theaters, I would recommend going to this movie with some friends as it is enjoyable, but don’t expect any sort of suspense as the entire movie is essentially revealed in the title.


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