The Coronavirus’s Far-Reaching Impacts

March 30, 2020

  The novel coronavirus has the whole world captivated. Even as the virus originated in Wuhan, China, it has rapidly spread over the world in a matter of months. The number of coronavirus cases continues to climb in the U.S. The cluster of deaths at the nursing facility in King County highlights the serious threat the disease poses to the elderly and infirm. There are 39,262 confirmed cases in the United States as of Monday morning and 475 deaths. With these numbers continuing to grow every day, it’s only a matter of time before everything shuts down and you aren’t allowed to go anywhere at all. 

The virus isn’t only affecting schools and learning its also affecting sports and other social gatherings such as the presidential election. While some claim that this virus is “just the flu,” it’s way more than that. Thousands of people’s jobs are in jeopardy and they have no other way to make money. You also have to think about the students who only eat at school. Often, school-provided meals provide the nutrition for the majority of these students’ day and with schools closed, communities are worried about meeting those students’ needs.

Seniors looking forward to the last year of their favorite sport are dealing with disappointment. They’ve put in so much hard work over the years only to be told that their season is canceled until further notice. This virus is serious– it’s not just the common flu, it’s something that needs to be contained.

 I asked freshman, William Stathakis, what he thought of the virus and he responded: “With the media exploiting the situation and younger people not taking note of the severity of the virus, the number of cases and the time it takes to resolve the issue will only grow.” Just last week, Dr. Kupersmith informed students and parents that the virus has impacted the CCES Community. With this news, everyone should make sure they are being clean and careful. The CDC recommends washing your hands frequently and if you’re already sick to stay home. 



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