A Quarantine Poem

May 19, 2020

They said it would be fourteen days

Inside our homes 

Learning on screens

But then it seemed 

We were going to be alone 

And here to stay. 


Irony in it’s finest form 

Is watching spring come into full bloom

And being confined 

I didn’t think we’d ever find 

Peace while inside our rooms 

Sedentary and forlorn. 


We can’t help but watch the news 

There’s this urging need to know

What’s going to happen 

But the people have spoken

And now the TV shows

An optimistic view. 


There is new hope to be found 

America is opening up

People are no longer scared 

Though we’re still careful and aware, 

We are done with feeling stuck

After months of being shut down. 


Summer’s almost here!

The eagerly anticipated end

Is just around the corner

And our former 

Apprehension and dread

Will disappear. 

We’ve done our school proud

We triumphed over

Digital Learning Days

And we can say

“We’re two weeks closer

To getting out!”




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