Gone Girl: The Movie that Raised the Bar


“He may kill me. He may actually kill me.” These nine words draw Americans out of their homes and into their local movie theatres to find out what happened to Amy Dunne. Many of the movie viewers read the New York Times Bestseller before it came onto screen. So when the trailer came out, everyone hoped that the movie would stay true to the book, which is a rarity in the movie business. But when the movie was released, viewers who had read the book left the theatre pleased with its outcome and its accuracy to the novel because the novel’s writer,Gillian Flynn, wrote the screenplay. This made the film as accurate and crowd-pleasing as it is. But at the same time, viewers who had only seen the trailer left with their jaws on the ground because they were so surprised with it’s ending and how much they loved this insane roller-coaster movie.

This movie tells the story of a man named Nick Dunne who is convicted of the possible murder and kidnapping of his beautiful wife Amy Dunne. It starts off with the morning she is found missing. It is the morning of their anniversary and Nick is at the bar that he and his sister, Margo, run. After his first drink, he gets a phone call telling him that his house has been broken in to. From that point on, Nick goes from being a man who cares for his wife and loves her deeply to her kidnapper or killer.

****** SPOILER*******

During the investigation, the police find many things that make Nick look guilty like Amy’s “Diaries” that talk about how scared she was of her own husband and how “he may kill her”, a long list of expensive purchases and many more. While the investigation continues, Nick finds letters from Amy that have riddles that lead to him finding the expensive objects in a shed. Nick realizes that his wife set him up. The diaries she wrote were fiction, she purchased all of those things, she made the “break in” look like it was staged, etc. So Nick and Morgan, his sister, talked to all of her exes that she set up, hired the best defense attorney in the U.S., and tried to make Amy come out of hiding. Then the point of view changes back and forth between Amy’s world and Nick’s world. By the end of the movie when Amy and Nick reunite after all of the twists and turns that had previously occurred, audiences are left in awe.

**** END OF SPOILER*****

Whether or not you know what will happen in this roller-coaster movie, everyone should still go and either see it in theatres or rent it on their TV because this movie has raised the bar for the quality of cinema. Gone Girl is on it’s way to being a multi-award winning movie that will become an instant classic.